Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of the year.

Ahh.. Today is gonna be the last day of 2009. Few more hours to say good bye. Last year and this year is not very good for me. I know sometimes we have to just except the fact that "Every life there's a death, every sorrow there's a laughter". Really life can never be better. I'm a very positive person and always look on the brighter side but sometimes I do realize that I ain't that strong. I'm so fragile, small(tiny), powerless and useless. See? This is what I'm talking about. But, really who cares.
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Back in 2008, everything seems to be so fine with all those Great Plans to Doha and such. My dad went thru a period of near six months of suffering to fight cancer that IHATESOFREAKINGMUCH! He lost. There goes MY HERO.
Then comes 2009, just few months back I lost another person that I cherish the most again. My Granpa. It's tragic. 1 person a year is sad enough. Can anyone bare that kinda pain? I'm starting to believe that a man should learn to take the pain and suffering. I mean you are born to do such a thing really. Numb with the pain caused.

At times I really feel like giving up everything. When I say everything it means everything. Lyrics from Alicia Keys song "Everything means nothing if I ain't got you". It hurts alot. Nothing more than a thousand cut of knives? Try to put it this way. Nothing more than a thousand ants biting on your "NUTS" tell me about that. It's been tough. I never blame anybody. I grew up pretty fast this way. I learn alot of things in life as I progress in a very short period of time. Life has been so much different without these people by my side. I have been asking myself so much lately, who can you talk to in the time of needs besides my mom? Who do I share my success if one day I have a story to tell? They mean the world to me. Life can be so meaningless for me now really. Money, love, friendship and I don't know what else. Everything can be so overwhelming for me. FMLFO.


Something that I wanna share with car lovers out there "assume many like me".Haha.. Here is a picture of a nice decent car I snap recently. It's just a car that many love to own for the sake of owning it. Cars is always part of me. It's in the DNA.

Don't you wish your name is written on the plate. A decent car for many young drivers especially the ladies.

Something many street racers wannabe would die for. Teenagers favorite.

Lastly. The exotic machine. Very limited unit. Owned by the rich and the famous.
Something that will make me very happy if got the chance to drive it for a day or two.

That's it for 2009.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

End 2009~

It's always sad to say goodbye. It's almost the end of 2009 and welcome 2010. Just hate the words goodbye. Who invented that word really? Gosh..
Year 2009 is not really that bad for me. The 1st half of 2009 it's not what I hope for but the 2nd half or final quarter is way much better. Bought and wasted alot of money. Really wonder how to save money, really. 3 phones, 1 laptop, 1 Blackberry, 1 Siberia and I don't know what else I bought this year. It's so freaking expensive. Still what goes around comes around. Here's things that I bought in 2009 and still loving em. =p

I love Blackberry so damn much!

PhotobucketNothing compare to this, it's awesome to machine!

My all time favourite SIGG bottle all the way from Singapore. Heh..

Freaking awesome laptop that I always wanted. My dream will always be Alienware.

This is the latest gadgets. Heh. SIBERIA Inear Headset. FTW! I owned it finally.
Cost me a fortune. lolx..

So far this is all I can remember cause I have bad memories in remembering names and all this small small stuff that suck all my paper notes away. In the end of the day it's not even important or noticed. ie : Hmm.. Did I get this? Do I have it lying some where in my room?? Gosh.. I never noticed that.. Well, life.

Really looking forward to year 2010. So many plans. Well, I really wish to own my own FNB outlet. Like those cool FNB outlet. A place to chill that kinda thing. Yeah.. YOou know what I'm talking about. Totally Random.. =.="

That's it for now.. Adios..

P/s How can I forget about my camera.. =.="

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well here it goes again.....

It is so complicated when we talk about our life. Still all of us cannot deny that we still have to move on. Don't you just wish sometimes life will be much more easier if we can just press a simple "reset" and start all over again like playing a game? I wonder. Today is so gonna be yet another simple day. Go to work, go back play game or think how to increased the performance of my not so new laptop "1month 15days to be exact" and stone or watch movie. Really, that's about it. Nothing much. Also the best part of all is that I can be with HER most of the time. That's enough for thou, really. What else can I ask for? Despite I have tonnes of dreams back then but as for now it just don't matter at all. What else do a person wish to have, when they can make just enough for a living and can spend the rest of our their life with the person they cherish the most? You have a shelter everywhere you go, you have a car worth like 100k++, money for you to spend on anything and nothing, friends and family is so close to you and it's just a phone call away to be there when you need them and lastly you have time for all that. FUCKING THINK PEOPLE! THINK HARD!
I do not want to live another day with any regrets "I'm not saying that I regretted" it's enough and I'm happy already.

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Throw all those fucking DREAMS away. I always have this dream of owning a GIANT CORPORATION, BILLION DOLLARS HOUSES, more that a DOZENS OF SPORTS CAR in my garage and all my family to live under my roof. Well, this is so FUCKING NOT IMPORTANT anymore.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

.ONE love.

Okay.. It's late on a Saturday night. Sleepy, tired and high(absolute cranberry vodka mixed with Ribena covered in air tight Sigg container) sip by sip.. Can you sip your life away?? I used to always asked myself back then, why do people love to blog? What do they blog about? Well it may seems like an addiction or just for fun still God knows why. Why do people love to drink(you know what I mean when it's not H2O)? I just don't know why nor understand. Have you ever wonder why? I'm sure all of us did. Well, can you live for a moment in your life without music?? I can't. I need music. At least once a day. I'm dead serious. Even a track will make me happy enough. Well there is alot of random thoughts running in my mind tashikani is not really random but people always asked me to save money for your future bla bla bla(I never disagree)... Let me ask you this, no money is a torture. When you have 10bucks still it's money. When you make six figure also money.. How much is enought? Man-kind always have GREED! (Born and blend together) But when you start to save money for future, have you ever wonder when will be your future? Assume you are at the age of 20years old and 10 years down the road you are 30 and 20 years down the road you are 50 and you died at the age of 50.5 years old. So, when is you future??
YOU WON'T LIVE A LIFE MORE THAN THE AGE OF 80years old. Don't be stupid.
This is so RANDOM! I miss my dad so much. T.T
It's been almost two years now. Who knows what we have been thru. It's a tough time when things like this hit us. Expected, but not really prepared for it (like you know you are so gonna hit that Jackpot but you are not prepared for it and when you win A Billion dollar and you fucking go crazy). It's so hard. If only he can hear us or hear me now. Unconditional love and bond between two person. It won't be as easy as formatting a Hard Drive(HDD). If only it works that way, all of our life will be much much much perfect. As for all of you out there please treasure people around you when they are still here. When THE DAY comes there shall be no regrets no matter a thousand gallon of tear drops won't be able to buy anything back.