Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy CNY and drive safe.

Here I am wishing all my friends and family out the a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year in the year of Tiger. I believe many of us sure balik KAMPUNG. So please drive safe and always remember to put you safety belt on. And be gentle and be patient on the road as we all will suffer massive traffic jam and kaya too(maybe some butter).

Even my hamper also have the safety belt on okay. Don't play play. >.<" Wish everyone here fatt fatt tat tat in this year of Tiger. =p dat fatt fatt tat tat sounds funny thou




Monday, January 25, 2010


I do realize that these day's I prefer to read more than write. I love to read what people write on their blog instead of updating my own. Yes, you are rite. I always ask myself what is there to read on peoples blog? So sien okay. But when I started it lately it's tashkani quite fun. I realize I tend to listen more to people surrounding me lately instead of talking and talking and giving advice over everything that means nothing in the end. Yeah, I surely know how it feels like. Listening is just as great.


P/s Silent is golden. Now I truly understand that. If you have nothing to say shut the fuck up.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wall Climbing

Went to wall climbing yesterday @ Putrajaya. It's my 1st climb btw. My 1st climb on Speed Wall it's totally crazy because the trail is the hardest compare to the other one. Almost reached the top but I have no more energy to pull myself up anymore. Hanging on the rope for about 15 mins feeling completely powerless sucks big time. It's not that bad because I can still talk to YX and he is giving me all those mental support "YOU CAN DO IT, IT'S ALMOST THERE". =.="
How I wished that I'm on the ground instead of hanging on the rope powerless. I was holding on to the rope the entire time and so afraid that the rope gonna break. Went I'm finally down on the ground I was completely flat for about 30mins or so. Tried the other normal wall it's way much better and I'm loving it alot. Might be going over to Putrajaya again this weekend with all the geng. Enjoy it alot. Thank you guys!

P/s Life hanging on a string is so not good. I have tried it and know how it feels like. How about you?

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Monday, January 11, 2010


Back from a nice and decent weekend. Just don't like Monday. I never like Monday.
Do you people still remember times when we were studying? Every Monday we need to stand at assembly hall to sing Negara Ku and all those boring speeches? OMG, Monday is the worse day ever. Now, every Monday we need to go to work and pray for another Friday and weekend to come. This is a total nightmare when the week turns to Monday. It's a day most people need to crawl up from bed due to excessive physical and mentally stress on the weekend "You Know What I'm Talking About".


Me : Sad to be you Monday
Monday : I know. If only I could be Friday.
Me : You wish.
Monday : I know. FML.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Super Bad Service ACM Malaysia SDN. BHD.

Why can't they be polite? It's their job anyway. If you don't like the job, just quit.

It's all about my D-MAX. 1st servicing , so many issue and it's highly recommended service center for all Isuzu vehicle. I will never go back there again. I was so dissapointed when I found out that my spare tyre tools were missing. Send my car for servicing about two weeks ago at ACM Batu Caves. I called to make an appointment at 11 a.m. Called in the 2nd time around 10.30 a.m. to inform them I will be reaching around 11.15 a.m. cause I'm all the way from Klang and the traffic is quite bad. When I reached ACM Batu Caves at 11.10 a.m. the queue there was fine but the make me wait about 30mins before they attend to me. When the called my number and ask me if I'm sending in for servicing I said yes.
Guess what that "An Ney" said to me? Sorry, we are unable to take anymore vehicle at this time due to overwhelming customer this morning. I told him I made an appointment early this morning and was told to come at this hour. Took him long enough to check on the reservation book. He came back to me and said "Sorry, if you drop your car today you can only collect it the next day" I was like wtf!??? How am I supposed to go home? At least you let me know earlier when I called up???

There are few defects when I collected that car. Scratches on the door panel, thread on the leather seat is not in proper position and even the door panel leather is bad. Complain on the next day to Isuzu Malaysia and was told to send in for normal warranty claim. When I told them about the problem they started to point fingers to the owners. This damaged is all done by you in directly. I was so pissed off and told them that I already make a report the following day after I collected the car. They are not helpful at all. Blame the owner "ME" for damaging my own car?? Do you FUCKERS know how much I love my car?? Besides the back seat is not even occupied. It's for me to just keep my stuff okay! One of the reason they gave me was, because when I send my car for tinted films the scratch it. HUH?? I know it makes sense but I told you it's like that when I strip the plastic off the chair.

Owh, one more thing is the way he handle my player. OMG, my heart almost pops out. My car came with build in DVD player. I told him that my player wont turn off sometimes when I cut off the engine so he went and test the player. He don't even know how to used it at all. He press the touch screen so hard and the button so hard untill the lcd is forced to go back in to the slot. DUDE IT'S MOTORISED MONITOR! IT MOVES BY ITSELF! IDIOT! After doing that several time he said owh it's like that. Every time you turn off your engine you must turn off the player 1st. o.O???? WTF IS THAT? So are you putting the blame on me when the problem is from the player? or saying that I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT? I wonder if they even read the service manual for the car and the user manual. I don't think this is how a player should work. Of so many cars I drove, there is no such issue like turning off the radio 1st before you turn off the engine or else the player wont shut down. Definitely something is wrong on the wiring. So this time I damaged the player myself aye dude? If only they could solve this problem and stop blaming on the customer.

FYI, This is DMAX 3.0 AT+. He cant even read the Vehicle Registration Card staple on the service book. For such a high price paid for that car, it's surely not used for heavy work to stress the vehicle. It's just normal city drive. How can you blame on the owner for such a complain? I lost my spare tyre tools after I send my car for servicing. It's more than 2 weeks now. Impossible for me to make a complain. I'm glad that I found out now rather then when I need it.


P/s For all Isuzu D-MAX owners out there. Never go back to ACM Malaysia SDN. BHD. @ Batu Caves for servicing. Else you will regret.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Fine Day

1st post on the 6th of January 2010. Tashkani, on the 1st of January 2010 is not really a good day for me. Everything is getting better I hope. Everything I do seems to be a mess. Tried very hard to support my family in every single way, yet is never enough.


I always wonder, how hard is it to keep this whole family standing? In the end it's not as simple as I think it would turn out to be. There is a saying that 1 man can change the world or makes a different. The fact is the other way round. 1 man can't change anything. It takes more than a thousand to move a mountain. At least this is what I believe. Even Achilles die someday. I can never stay here forever to hold and patch everything up. Grow up! Please use your almighty brain to think for once. You won't stay forever young. Stop being so FUCKING CHILDISH!


The rest of the day is great. Someone message me this morning and asked me to buy her black oil. I hang for a moment in my life. Black oil? WTH is black oil. It's a direct translation of "Hak Yau". It's engine oil instead of black oil. This is how Malaysian speak. Welcome to Malaysia.